Seated in northeastern of Thailand, Roi Et Province is rare visited by tourists, however, it has a number of marvelous temples. Wat Klang Ming Muang is one of them. 

Wat Klang Ming Muang is located on a small hill in the center of Roi Et city. It is a very old temple, although no one knows its exact age, it is believed that it was built in the late Ayutthaya era, even order than the foundation of the Roi Et city. 

Wat Klang Ming Muang

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The temple is highly revered in Rot Et province and visited by many Thai Buddhists. They come here to worship, make offering and pay their respects to the Buddha. The two hundred years old, four-story ubosot (ordination hall) is a sacred place. The beautiful out door murals on the walls of it show scenes from the life of the Buddha. By walking around the building, you will discover some of the painting are more damaged and dirtier probably because of the large numbers of pigeons living there. 

In the Wat Klang Ming Muang temple complex, there is a 3-storey tower. Visitors can climb to the top to enjoy a beautiful view of Roi Et city and its Buddha is especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

In the old days, the Wat Klang Ming Muang Temple was used for ceremonies where people swore their loyalty to the imperial family. Today, the monastery is used as a primary Buddhist education school where monks learn about the teachings of the Buddha.   

How to get to the Wat Klang Ming Muang

Wat Klang Ming Muang is located in the center of Roi Et city, on Charoen Phanit Road. If you come from Bangkok, you can fly to Roi Et city first, then take a taxi or tuk tuk to there.  

Opening hours 

Wat Klang Ming Muang is open every day from 6:00am to 5:00pm.   

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